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Humelan’s Hearing and Communication Coach

Get a coach
that gets it

  • Personalized support from your own coach 

  • Unlimited text-based coaching

  • Manage well and feel confident

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Communication and Hearing Coach

Secure Your Spot on the Waitlist!

Join now to enjoy exclusive benefits as a pioneering member. The first few registrants will receive our coaching services for free as part of our pilot program, providing essential feedback to help us refine our offerings.

Hearing and communication coaches are here to help you navigate life with hearing loss

Maximize your personal and professional potential

Navigate hearing care

Learn self-advocacy & know your rights 

Learn communication strategies & improve relationships

Navigate major life changes

Optimize benefit from hearing devices

Find social support networks

Manage anxiety, stress, and burnout

Improve emotional resilience

When to Use a Hearing Coach? 

  • Suspecting or discovering you or a loved one have hearing loss

  • Experiencing sudden hearing loss

  • Accepting you might need hearing aids

  • Navigating the hearing aids selection process

  • Dealing with further hearing deterioration 

  • Transitioning to more powerful hearing devices

  • Securing necessary accommodations at school, university, work, or public places

  • An audiologist or ENT recommended a cochlear implant, now what?

  • Starting a new job: strategies to communicate your hearing needs to colleagues effectively, ensuring mutual respect and understanding

  • Troubleshooting hearing aids or cochlear implants

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