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Improving communication access in our society

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Question- when you go out to a restaurant, what works best for you?

  1. Having your back to the wall

  2. Facing the wall and letting the directional microphones on your hearing aids so their thing?

when going out to a restaurant what works best for you?

  • 0%Have my back to the wall

  • 0%Face the wall and trust the directional mics on my HAs

Gil Kaminski
Valecia Adams

I had my first experience with hearing loops in 2022. I was at the HLAA convention in FL. I was in a workshop and remembered, that I had t-coil in my devices and I switched to t-coil. I was happy to hear so clear and crisp. Unfortunately, thats the only time I use the t-coil.

Gil Kaminski

Community Looping Programs... Does anyone have stories to share?

Valecia Adams

A warm welcome to each and every one of you, and thank you for joining our group! We're eager to learn more about you, so please share your stories whenever you feel comfortable. This group is an excellent platform for disseminating resources related to communication access. If you come across valuable resources or insights about different technologies, behaviors, accommodations, and more, we wholeheartedly encourage you to share with us. Thank you again for being an integral part of our community!

Valecia Adams

Welcome everyone to our ‘Improving Communication Access in Our Society’ group. To start off our discussions, I’d like to hear about your experiences. What are the main barriers you’ve faced in terms of communication access? This can be anything from subtitled content availability, sign language interpreter accessibility, to sound pollution in public spaces, or digital platforms without accessibility options. Remember, no issue is too small - often it’s the seemingly minor inconveniences that can accumulate to form substantial obstacles. Let’s brainstorm and see how we can work together to suggest viable solutions.

Valecia Adams


Improving communication access is a vital aspect of fosterin...
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